Liturgical Art

by William Wolfram

Fathoming the person of Jesus Christ invites a deepening understanding of His Cross. The Cross is vital in perceiving why He came to earth to become our Savior. Yet, to fully comprehend the full essence of Christ’s Cross is altogether impossible. Human reason fails to plumb the complexities of the Calvary event. Only faith sees divine beauty in that ugly piece of wood where God truly reveals the heart of His all-encompassing love.

Jesus intensely desires to be remembered by His death. He forewarned His disciples about His imminent death and memorialized it in the upper room. The Cross was foremost on His mind and heart. In faithfulness to their Savior, the early Christians endured heathen scorn by choosing the Cross as their central symbol; we continue the Cross’s pervasive focus.

The Cross of Christ, the essence of reality, complements history, biblical doctrine, and faithful living. All Christian theology, from creation to the resurrection and beyond, originates from the Cross. Hence, it is essential that some form of the cross be the visual focal point of worship space. Indeed, the Cross should be the initial statement of the worship building’s architectural and liturgical design.

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