What is a good approach when selecting visual art pieces for a worship space?

stainless steel cross on blue background

Remodeling a worship area or building a new one requires consultation with a liturgical artist about the aesthetics and theology of the space at the onset of the project. Unity of design and communication of a clear, non-befuddled visual message are of critical values.

One valid approach is for an artist to first design the central cross inasmuch as the message of the Cross is the focal doctrine of the Christian Church. In submission to the attitude that all Christian theology, from creation to the resurrection and beyond, originates from the Cross of Christ, the central cross, the first liturgical artifact, becomes the source of shapes, colors, and textures for other liturgical furnishings and artifacts (that is, everything from the major chancel furnishings to the details of the torches and flower stands).

lightly stained wooden altar