Where is the best location for the praise band in a worship space?

The chancel of a worship space should initiate the direction of the action in corporate worship. God gifts Himself to us. This gift, symbolized by its placement in the chancel, pulpit, altar-table, and baptismal font, represents His gifts through the means of grace. God bestows; we receive. In contrast, the primary role of the praise band is not to communicate Christ to the people. Its task is one of encouraging and aiding responsive praise to God. Placing the praise band at the back of the nave or in the balcony shows proper architectural expression of the band’s role in responding to Gods’ grace with praise and adoration, thus enabling the congregation to do likewise. To recapitulate, Christians attend services of worship chiefly to receive God’s grace and blessings and, secondarily, to offer Him gifts and sacrifices of praise. The pastor has been given a commission to extend God’s gifts to the congregation (and this act proceeds from the chancel). In return, the worshiping congregation with the aid of musicians offers praise and thanksgiving from the nave.